Advanced Activism for a Human Centred Society

By means of Advanced Activism, the IFFT aim is to brings a Human Centred society closer than ever before. Through knowledge sharing, elevation of visions, counselling and inspiring organizations and institutions.
Through the development of concrete products and services. Advanced Activism is inspired, directed action with a solid business plan. An active contribution to redeem society to the individuals it belongs to.
One of the IFFT’s inspirers is Don Tapscott. His question; “Could we create some kind of collective intelligence that goes beyond an individual or team to create a consciousness on a global basis?” is our field of action and activity.

Modern society as is, has reached a fundamental turning point in history.
Organizations and institutions originated from the industrial era are in need of an overhaul. Using available technology to facilitate human needs and to realise human potential.
The IFFT believes now the time is right for new forms of alliances. Digital media enables us to suitably act on this. On the internet there is an infrastructure available for new economies and more effective and efficient forms of collaboration, according to new models apt for mass anticipation. Digital media provides this power and ability. Innovation can be achieved through global knowledge attained between and/or within organizations, to create prosperity and to move society forward. The IFFT aim is to contribute to new paradigms and tools.
The IFFT believes and is convinced a good idea proves itself to be true in its execution. Advanced activism means the instigation of ingenuity to accomplish ideals and to make them commercially exploitable.
A counsel of business experts within the IFFT, monitors that concepts are being investigated and tested on their feasibility. Support to set up projects and business plans is also provided. If necessary external experts are engaged to realize sustainable projects and services. The IFFT is capable to globally unfold projects developed within the institution through its international network.
The institution vigorously contributes and anticipates. It facilitates sharing and collection of knowledge and makes practical applications possible. It uses and supports crowd sourcing. The IFFT also explores new forms of coexistence and collaboration and taps into new economies. It expands initiatives and develops programs to bring out the best in human beings.

By thinking of improved solutions, enthusing and through the implantation of new possibilities.

But most of all by making profound examples.

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