Knowledge sharing

Communication with the public occurs through the online platform. All developments within the IFFT are recorded on the institution’s website. This platform invites visitors to join-think and to submit their input. It is a portal for crowd sourcing. The exchange of knowledge e.g. on how to implement technology profoundly, serves as fuel for the products the IFFT develops and produces. As such the build-up of community input contributes to the development of the institutions projects and services.


 Seminars and courses

One of IFFT’s objectives is to share the knowledge it gained by the divisions Products and Services and Concept Development, with existing institutions and governmental organizations. Allocation and distribution of knowledge emanates of the institution´s idealistic objective(s). Besides the free knowledge offered on the online platform, the institution also organizes seminars. Expert knowledge is being offered to businesses, governmental organizations and other institutions by means of education, training, courses and workshops. In this way organizations are being inspired to innovate from within. Solutions are supplied which enables them to operate in a Human Centred fashion.

New management strategies and visions like the Mergers and Acquisitions Program (developed in collaboration with top grade business schools) are also intended to implement Human Centred management principles.


Online platform

The online platform is more than the IFFT’s show window. It is an invitation directed to everyone who wants to contribute to fulfil personal potential of individuals and organisations. Communication with the general public occurs through the upcoming platform. All development within the IFFT will be reported on the website. Significant information is shared for free. Furthermore, you can also get a glimpse of the IFFT’s on-going projects and find all the information about the seminars, workshops and courses organized by the IFFT.


Portal for collaboration
The upcoming platform invites visitors to think along. It is a hub for interaction, contribution and knowledge sharing. As knowledge sharing on how engineering can be used meaningfully serves as extra fuel for the products the IFFT (co)produces. Community input build on the online platform, contributes to the development of projects and services.

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