Our structure

structure IFFT

The Think Tank

Concept Development is the pounding heart of the institution. It’s more than a ‘think-tank’ that brings together smart and talented people, to inspire and learn from each other. This is the place where ideas are moulded into concepts and where they are tested on their commercial feasibility instantly.

The IFFT team of work engaged experts, excels in the wide-ranging spectrum of business, innovation and marketing and paves the roads leading to top products.

 The Projects

Development of products and services to move society forward is the IFFT’s core business.

Besides the institution’s own initiatives developed as co-creations, assistance is offered involving third-party projects. All projects and services developed by the IFFT are focused on people and their habitats in the broadest sense of the term. To bring the world further means to take human’s social, natural as well as economic environment into consideration.

According to the IFFT, technology plays an extremely important role within all aspects that matter to create a better world and being able to achieve this goal. The concepts developed by the IFFT use ICT to bring comfort, prosperity and sustainability closer together thus to increase personal wellbeing of humans.

Project Support

For promising, sustainable projects the IFFT can provide a contribution with regards to fundraising and other ways of project support.

The IFFT contributes ideas on alternative means of investment like crowd funding and innovative finance models where business angels partake. The institute maintains a special relationship with Chinese partners. Through the IFFT Chinese business partners  participate in the development of sustainable and meaningful products and services. Like all other divisions within the IFFT, Funding is an exponent of Advanced Activism.


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