The Institute for Forward Thinking is a network of free thinkers, business leaders, innovative companies, investors and start-ups.

IFFT is an initiative with the support of Metrix FI Ltd., People Republic of China and The Netherlands JV organization.

Bruno Kapetanovic, entrepreneur and new business activist

Bruno is a former European partner of the interactive agency Razorfish and a founding shareholder of Metrix FI Ltd.

Bruno believes the power of the crowd source phenomena can recreate a “lifestyle”,  akin to a social network community , where citizens of a local community are more than just consumers.  The way citizens act, through sharing, contributing and supporting each other’s ideas, is, according to Bruno, a powerful change agent.

Entrepreneurship is not a job, it’s a lifestyle !

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Guo Guangchang- investments adviser 

Guo Guangchang  is a Chinese business magnate and investor. He is the chairman of Fosun International Limited . As of 2015 he was listed as the 34th richest person in China.

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