our mission

New trends are forming. We must have new ideas, new strategies and new initiatives to meet these new challenges.

Institute For Forward Thinking  aim is to  generate positive practical results , to eradicate problems and create opportunities . To conduct activates , provide advisory support and implement projects  which will lead towards promoting grater economic cooperation between private and government  owned The People Republic of China  companies and the EU  counterparts .

The primary objective of Institute For Forward Thinking  is :

“to promote the economic interests of Chines businesses in EU , via collaboration, knowledge sharing and projects implementations (commercial or non profit )”.

A secondary objective is:

“to assist EU  companies which are considering investing in the People Republic of China  through the provision of detailed and objective market research, analysis, company introductions as well as  investment contribution  and   to promote the economic interests of its ( membership ) of ( privately or government )  owned Chines businesses in EU, both towards companies and national / EU institutions”

Institute For Forward Thinking  mission  is  supported by Metrix Fountain Investments Ltd ,People Republic of China and The Netherlands JV organization .



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