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Merger & Acquisition 


Merger and Acquisition 

Business unit of the Institute For Forward Thinking 

1. Introduction

IFFT M&A business unit  is a  business unit with a difference. Established and funded by successful entrepreneurs of PR China and The Netherlands JV  Metrix FI ltd and entrepreneurs of InstituteForForwardThinking cooperation provides strategic advice, arranges financing and invests its own equity in order to manage the transaction process from start to finish.

Being entrepreneurs, we combine the right amount of focus and analysis with a healthy element of opportunism. Our team’s areas of expertise are wide-ranging, and include food and beverage,  professional services and manufacturing. We also have a particular specialism identifying and pursuing opportunities in EU .

2. What we do

IFFT  M&A  business units  activities can be divided into two parts:

Strategic Consulting

IFFT  M&A  business units  has experience representing the interests of both Chines origin companies  seeking business partners or acquisitions in the EU  region, but also the reverse. The increasing financial resources and confidence of PR China companies has already lead to a number of acquisitions of west European companies and this is likely to continue. The primary focus of our consulting operations is:

  • regional development and investment planning;
  • acquisition or business partner identification;
  • negotiation and acquisition support.

We seek to add value in the following ways:

  • investment requirements and acquisition – assist in determining and acquiring necessary investments to achieve desired goals;
  • international governance and standards – advise on corporate formation and structure, legal and financial issues, with emphasis on transparency;
  • financial and operational performance – advise on company organisation and decision structure, legal and financial issues, with emphasis on productivity and yield;

Debt / Equity Financing

IFFT M&A business unit  team up with incumbent or bought-in management teams to set a new, growth oriented path for investee companies, often involving international expansion and diversification.

IFFT M&A business unit  has a particularly strong position in EU.

IFFT M&A business unit  boasts the relationships and contact networks needed to make such transactions possible – these include business, government, legal and both international and local financial institutions.

IFFT M&A business unit  do not invests its own equity but when where necessary seeks equity partners for its investments.

3. Investment philosophy

IFFT M&A business unit  investments are typically focused on small and medium sized companies with revenues from E 10 to E 100 million, although we are prepared in some circumstances to fund start-ups.  IFFT M&A business unit  prefer to help Chines partners to acquire a controlling interest in the stabilised businesses in EU companies .

We are interested in working with organisations that at their core are fundamentally sound and competitive, and that face potentially exciting growth prospects, but perhaps lack the management and / or capital resources to realise this growth. IFFT M&A business unit  have experienced entrepreneurs with a history of assessing risks and taking informed decisions.

4.Industry focus 

The entrepreneurial spirit at IFFT M&A business unit  means we are reluctant to limit ourselves by providing a limiting set of investment criteria or industry focus. As a result we define our focus very broadly. Nevertheless there are sectors in which we have a particularly strong interest, including:

–       Brands

–       Food products

–       Technology

–       Media

–       Environmental products and services


The team IFFT M&A business unit  represents a diverse base of entrepreneurial and corporate experience. The combination of skills means we are equally comfortable talking to a manager about their personnel problems or international ambitions .

Team information is available on InstituteForForwardThinking cooperation /people



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