The Foundation of the Institute for Forward Thinking

What if people and businesses would willingly share their knowledge, visions and experiences to create a better future?

The Institute for Forward Thinking would like to evoke free thinkers, companies and organisations to contribute to this cause by asking them to join minds, skills and visions. The goal of this collaboration is to develop tools, methodology and knowledge sharing in order to contribute to a human centred society and human centred economy. This call marks the foundation of the Institute for Forward Thinking and it’s activities in two locations: Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Beijing, China.

The Institute for Forward Thinking will focus on the sharing of knowledge, visions and ideas of five major issues. These issues will shape the global conversation for the next decades and will transform societies, governments, businesses and economies using new thinking, new possibilities and new technology.

  • Connected Society

    We have reached the pinnacle of global connectedness with both the construction of a fibreglass grid in western countries and the penetration of smart phones in developing countries. With the rise of social media the global conversation has taken a quantum leap. This phenomenon poses equal threats and opportunities for individuals, societies, businesses and governments.

  • Fading Borders

    The innovative economy is booming and business is conducted increasingly on a global level as opportunities and new technologies pop up all over the world. With the growing global connectedness people and businesses will regroup through shared interests, values and visions, rather then a common nationality. This is an increasing challenge for governments as the meaning and justification of borders are slowly fading.

  • New Economy and Business Models

    Most systems in our businesses, organisations and economies are based on traditional, post Industrial Revolution thinking. With the rise of new technology, an idea based economy and the growing need for sustainability these systems need radical rethinking. Both businesses and economies must be made ready to transform to a human, rather then a profit centred focus.

  • Natural Organisations

    The open source movement has had a profound effect on the way we traditionally think about organisations. Where shared values, ideas and skills seems a stronger binder for talent then employment and contracts. This poses an equal threat and opportunity to the corporate world and it’s tradition structures.

  • New Leadership and Government

    Our world is changing rapidly. Our climate, food and water supplies, health, longevity, energy, natural resources, financial stability, prosperity and cultural diversity all require breakthrough approaches. This calls for a new view on leadership and government. Applying old thinking and systems to a new world of possibilities will get us nowhere. We need to evolve to a conscious and new way of living, working, caring, organizing and governing.

The Institute of Forward Thinking will use these five themes to launch knowledge-sharing projects, events and learning opportunities for individuals, businesses and governments. Interested parties can register at to join in the conversation and benefit from shared visions for a better world.

The Institute for Forward Thinking founders are :

  • Bruno Kapetanovic, entrepreneur and new business activist
  • Arie van Baarle, design, branding and interaction specialist
  • Metrix FI  ltd

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